“Yoooo!! I’m super excited to announce my opening exhibition for “BLACKBOY” which will be Curated and hosted by Joanne Rogers for a 2 night opening reception.

I’ll be dressing the walls of 9189 Studio Gallery with my most recent collection of work,“BLACKBOY” and giving you all a walkthrough of my process with an immersive view of my studio and an extended array of previous works dating back as early as 2012.

To stay compliant to any Covid-19 regulations we’ve decided to have an hourly capacity of 30 attendees in the venue at one time to practice safe social distancing, So when purchasing your ticket just choose the time slot you plan to come!

Before I finish, I want to give lots of gratitude to Joanne and Arthur Rogers for the tremendous amount of guidance and help they continuously pour into me and the mentorship given through the 9189 Studio Gallery!

Infinite amount of love to my wife Temia Chambliss for her unbounded gift of support and encouragement, and ultimately to my God, because without you nothing is possible!

– Gil Horne, Jr.

Click or Scan the QR code with the camera app on your phone to view the complete online catalog of works.