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My road to artistic freedom has been a winding one: After earning a B.A. in Commercial Art, and a decades-long corporate career, I left my 9-5 almost 5 years ago.  I replaced the office with my studio at Clearwater Artist Studios in Concord, NC, where I’ve been happily exploring my practice full time.

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Collage has become a lost art form over the years.  Romare Bearden brought Collage to light during the Harlem Renaissance, and I’m bringing it back to light today. I want the world to understand that collage is not just the cutting and pasting of pictures on a page.

Instead, it’s more like taking puzzle pieces that were never meant to fit together and manipulating them to not only fit, but also to make an aesthetically pleasing image during the culmination of a long, and tedious process.

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I used to draw a lot as a kid.  It all started at the age of four when I realized that I could put down my imagination on paper.  I started creating comics often using myself as the main character, and by junior high and high school I had created my own line of superheroes who were mostly women and people of color. 

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Although, she has worked most of her professional career 18+ years in law enforcement, art is her calling. She studied advertising/graphic design at The College of New Jersey and at Mercer County Community College. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Advertising from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

With a heavy skillset in graphics, sculpture and advertising, Pinkston is a masterful fine artist. Her paintings draw from real life situations using any type of materials to express her individual emerging style. To coin a phrase, her artworks are “contemporary spontaneous”, which allows her the creative freedom to tell unimaginable stories within each piece.

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Charlotte, NC based artist, Brenda Pinkston, has been honing her artistic skills for many years. Originally, a New Jersey native who after receiving her bachelor of Fine Art Degree from The College of NJ, spent the beginning of her career as a commercial artist developing ad campaigns, becoming a published book illustrator, and a web developer for The State of NJ(website).

Pinkston has masterfully blended her fine art and advertising design skills bringing about a perfect marriage of her artistic passions. Her paintings of life experiences, full with movement, reflect this union. Pinkston’s work provokes sincere engagement and invite us to connect with her narrative on a deeper level.

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CHD:WCK!, is a non-traditionally trained (self-taught) Visual Artist, whose aesthetic tastes were shaped in and around East, Orange New Jersey.

Whether working with paper, paint, inanimate objects, or nude figures, his work is fueled by an enduring fascination with raw texture, strong lines, soft curves, and anything oddly beautiful. This leads to a unique approach to creating artwork that is equally challenging, enticing, and refreshing.

CHD:WCK!’s work has been on display at museums and galleries in Charlotte and along the East Coast.

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Dare Coulter is an award-winning artist, muralist, and sculptor. Her mission for her artwork is primarily to create positive imagery of black people and families.


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Artist Sabrina Tillman McGowens has always had a passionate love for art and design. She began drawing portraits at the early age of 8 and personally acknowledged that she could easily lose herself in her artwork. Early career aspirations of being an Orthodontist left her school coursework filled with Chemistry, Biology and Advanced Math classes as she entered the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1994. The opportunity to take her first Art class arose during her sophomore year, which led to her changing her major. She would proceed to graduate from UNC with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a Printmaking Concentration in 1998.


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At the crossroad of three continents stands Barrington Steed. Now living in the United States, of African and European Ancestry, Steed is the artistic synthesis of the triangular trade. Three continents, three Histories, one experience,many identities and influences. Born and educated in France, Barrington Steed is an autodidact of creation. His work, often inspired by raw arts of traditional West Africa and classical European Renaissances, is never short of a surprising vision of femininity.

Whether inspired by the poetic brutality of a Césaire or yet by the subtle sensuality of a Tamara De Lempicka, Barrington Steed invites, free of academic constraint, to view Woman as she is, both perfect and perfectible, in her flesh, responsibilities and vulnerability.

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Bryan Wilson grew up between New Jersey and Georgia. It was in Georgia, at the age of

16, that he began his artistic career. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Studio Art with a Minor in Graphic Design from Morris Brown College.

After graduating college, he became an in-house Graphic Designer for Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA. After a couple years, and getting married, he and his wife relocated to Charlotte, NC, where he began teaching art a public school.

It was in 2012 that Bryan decided to take his painting ability to another level by pursuing his MFA in Drawing/Painting at the Academy of Art University. He is now exhibiting with other collegiate professors throughout the Southeastern region of the U.S.


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Gordon C. James’ chosen artistic genre has its roots in Impressionism.  The art of John Singer Sargent, Nicholai Fechin, Henry Ossawa Tanner, and many others inspired James to pursue a style that is both academic and expressive.

As a result his work contains a lyricism not often found in contemporary art.   Be it through the sensitivity found in his romantic pieces, or commitment to excellence in his commercial work, James always connects with his viewer.  He says of his work, “When people see my art I want them to say, I know that person, I know that feeling.”

James currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife Ingrid, their children Astrid and Gabriel, and their dog Rascal.

Michael Maxwell

I have been passionate about photography for more than 30 years. It has been a consistent source of fun and fulfillment. I am self taught.

I learned the the fundamentals of photography on analog cameras. There was no such thing as auto focus,  face detections and  SD cards. 

 Sloane Siobhan Palette Table ID Logo

Sloane Siobhan is a mixed media oil painter, tattoo artist, and muralist from Charlotte, North Carolina now based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her work lifts the veil between fact and fiction, alluding to folklore/mythology, and intertwining abstract with realism by combining fluid color with portraiture. Siobhan received her BFA in Studio Art at Appalachian State University, and has been exhibited at the Harvey Gantt Center for African American Art + Culture.

She was also one of five featured artists at the Mint Museum Uptown as a tribute to the John T. Biggers collection, showcased work at an art inspired dinner called Feast Your Eyes, and published in several articles such as Creative Loafing Charlotte, the Charlotte Observer, QC Metro, along with being mentioned in the NY Post. Siobhan is currently working on a new series that serves to elevate not only her body of work, but her spirit as well.


Kish Faison

Fashion driven, passion for product and brand. Space design and outstanding style leadership. A strong commitment to creating inspirational environments that are customer centric.

Ability to collaborate, provide leadership, guidance and strategy across cross-functional teams. Ability to drive business with clear visual presentations, floor sets, shop installs, and window treatments.

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Born in the 60’s, Kevin Harris of Washington, DC, and Harlem, NY cultures. He spent most of his childhood in Washington, where he was raised by his father and his summers in Harlem with his mother. Such a diversity of cultures goes a long way in explaining who he has become as an artist.

Kevin’s art is an amalgamation of styles across artistic genres. A self-professed growth junkie, Kevin has consistently pushed himself artistically to learn something new with each piece of art he creates.

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I like to describe my work as my ever evolving voice in color. A voice in color that resonate various emotionally charged motifs of love, family, universal human rights and politics.

If you look closely at my art, you will see that a lot of my work is but an expression of my journey to retrace my cultural and ethnic roots that span several continents. In light of my multi-ethnic heritage I refuse to be bound by one particular form of expression or technique. Instead, my artwork is a free flowing stream of consciousness often tide to indigenous themes in collage bound by whimsical colors in dots, abstract patterns and characters that span the human diaspora.

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“You sense what people call passion” when you are around Clayton Singleton.

This Virginia resident’s blend of verbal and visual art inspires, motivates and educates. He received his B.A. in Art from Virginia Wesleyan College then later graduated from Regent University with his Masters of Arts in Education. He is currently working for Norfolk Public Schools where he has taught K-12 visual art and won teacher of the year at the elementary, middle and high school levels as well assisted in rewriting the visual arts curriculum for Norfolk Public Schools and Newport News Public Schools.

In addition to being a member of the Hampton Roads National Poetry Slam Team, he has painted public murals, produced several solo shows including his latest gallery show at The Selden Gallery, Walking On Paper. The Virginia Opera commissioned Clayton to design sets for Porgy and Bess and Freedom’s Journey. He currently teaches visual art and serves as a teacher mentor and department chairperson at Lake Taylor High School in Norfolk. Currently, he uses his children’s book Dream An Awesome Dream and his book of poetic lecture Escape from Freedom during his interactive presentations when he speaks at educational symposiums.

Clayton has served as keynote speaker for new teacher orientations and has presented at national conferences including Improving America’s School and The Panasonic Foundation’s 2009 conference in Orlando, FL. and the COSAC Conference in Portland, Oregon January 28 – January 30, 2010.

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A native of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Shawn has been creating art for more than thirty years. Attending North Carolina Central University from 1987 to graduation in 1993, he majored in Public Administration while continued to nurture his craft as a part time art student. Although this was not a major course of study, he found a “second home” in the Fine Arts Department.

His artwork has been displayed in numerous establishments spanning the east coast with the base being in the Raleigh-Durham Area, including the Hayti Heritage Center in Durham, the Garner Performing Arts Center in Garner, NC, 9•18•9 Studio Gallery and The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC. He has work in the permanent collections of Benedict College in Columbia, SC and Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, NC. Prominent owners of his work include notable public figures Erykah Badu and Dr. Cornel West.

While having worked in various mediums, his most recent mediums of choice are acrylics and oil-based opaque paint markers. His latest endeavor has been crafting a series centered around shining light on the Historically Black Colleges and Universities in his native North Carolina. Having accomplished this goal, Shawn has turned his sights on expanding the series to encompass every currently operating HBCU in the country.

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Born on Lakenheath Airforce Base in Suffolk, England, and raised in Raleigh North Carolina, J Stacy Utley is a practicing artist who resides in Charlotte North Carolina. Utley’s work addresses complex narratives found within the African American diaspora. Using diverse mediums, his collages, assemblages, paintings and drawings address the topics of displacement, cultural appropriation, religion, race, mental illness and sexuality. Conversant topics of the African American community that shape identities and not always comfortable to discuss. 

Utley was recently selected to be one of three artist to participate in the 2019 spring residency at Goodyear Arts, funded by the Knight Foundation in Charlotte North Carolina. His body of work “Dis-place-Meant Something” explores the psychological and physical effects of displacement.

De’Angelo Dia

De’Angelo Dia is a poet, theologian, and doctoral student at Union Presbyterian Seminary. Dia investigates public opinion and contemporary beliefs on cultural, social-political, and theological issues through poetry, visual art, and performance. He has studied art in Athens, Greece, Guadalajara, Mexico, and Nairobi, Kenya. He received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Communication and Sociology from Appalachian State University, a Master of Arts in Literature from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a Master of Divinity from Union Presbyterian Seminary.

His artistic influences include photographer Martha Cooper, ethno-gothic literature, comic books and graphic novels, and neo-Appalachian art. Dia is an alumni artist-in-residence of the McColl Center for Art + Innovation, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts + Culture (Artist Roundtable), and a Cave Canem Fellow. He is also a member of the Goodyear Arts collective and the artist/activist collaborative Loss for Words, both based in Charlotte, NC.

Christopher Terrell Palette Table ID Logo

It is said that a great artist is always before their time, and this stands true of Artist Christopher Terrell. He dedicated years to the arts and constantly seeking new and innovative ways to develop his skills.

Explore this digital portfolio and discover when those special pieces were created, what they were inspired by, and learn more about their medium.

Joshua Galloway

Joshua Aurelius Galloway, also known as The Creative Gentleman, is a freelance commercial photographer specializing in lifestyle, travel, interiors, and portraiture. He is also a freelance brand identity designer and creative consultant.

Joshua began his journey as a photographer while as a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte studying Computer Science and Graphic Design.  Although he possessed a passion for technology, he quickly realized aesthetics and creativity would have to be a part of the equation. In 2009, Joshua left school to pursue his passion full time. 

Recently, he has worked for fashion publications (Four Magazine, The Face Magazine), brands (Guess, Allen Edmonds, Cole Haan), and retail and hotels (Warby Parker, Camp North End, Brahmin, Aloft Hotels, Hard Rock San Diego).

In 2015, Joshua launched a small brand consulting business – taking commissions for creative direction, digital strategy, and photography. He enjoys eating, listening to old school R&B, and watching Marvel films. 

La’Porsha Smith Palette Table ID Logo

A self taught Visual Artist from Lilesville,N.C. , residing in Charlotte with a passion to create. I have been painting since August 2016 and I enjoy using acrylic, Prismacolor, pastels and watercolor. Creating has definitely been a great way for me to express myself and it has always been apart of my life.

With the exception of random ideas I am intrigued by portraits and the human anatomy. While watching videos and reading books to learn about gray scale and values I have retained great information and it has helped shape me into the growing artist I am today.

A positive impact on the community as well as the Art world is definitely a great task that all creatives can successfully work towards. With all the beautiful things life has to offer I believe that art has its place in the world and it certainly leaves an impression and should be a reflection on how we view life in unique and colorful ways.

Bree Stallings

Breanna “Bree” Stallings is North Carolina-native multi-media artist, illustrator, writer and activist.

Bree graduated from Queens University of Charlotte in 2013 with a Bachelor Degree in Studio Art and Creative Writing. She resides near uptown Charlotte where she works as a painter, illustrator and muralist. Currently, she teaches adults and children intermediate and advanced drawing and painting techniques at her studio called the Learning Lab.

In recent news, her partnership with the Mecklenburg County Health Department and students at Behailu Academy have provided the opportunity for 2 large-scale public art murals in designated “food deserts” to highlight the pressing issue of food insecurity in our communities. She is also an HATCH Intensive Training Cohort Fellow as sponsored by C4 Atlanta, Artist As Change Agent Fellow of 2019 as sponsored by EmcArts, Artists Campaign School of 2017 (Detroit, MI) Fellow as sponsored by Fractured Atlas, the 2018 GOLD Alumni Award Winner from Queens University of Charlotte and the 2017 Outstanding Leader In The Arts Award Winner from The Arts Empowerment Project.

Rocio Llusca 

Rocio is an mixed media artist that expresses her deep feelings through her beautiful art. She is originally from Ecuador and has lived in the USA for the last eight years. She recently relocated to Charlotte, the city that has been inspired many of her paintings.

She is known for her vivid colors and her expressionistic pieces. She uses recycled materials such as egg shells, paper, T-Shirt rags and much more. She believes in giving second opportunities to materials that we don’t use.

Her art is a revelation of her inner thoughts and emotions expressed through unique designs and colors. Rocio’s art is a message of unity, creativity and diversity around the world.

Elisa Lopez Trejo

I was born in Mexico City. Since a very early age, I desired to be an artist, but life carried me on different roads. I am a mixed-media artist, working mostly with oil paint, gold leaf and silver leaf. My work centers on magical realism and a strong spirit. I like to create images that makes people feel happy and relaxed with my Art.

I have been working on technique, color, texture and finding my own style of expression over the years. I will never stop growing in those areas. Sometimes, I like to create abstract style with full color. Working with gold leaf and texture on canvas is my own style of expression because I find my own technique. I like that my Art provokes different emotions for the viewer.

Marvin Espy

Originally from Cincinnati, Marvin was voted most talented of his senior class at Princeton High School (1982).

He went on to study oils under the late Henry Koerner at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh earning a degree in Visual Communications. In 2013 his new works were featured in a number of venues around Charlotte, North Carolina including winning “Best of Show” at the Hart Witzen SHOWDOWN EVENT in 2013 and again in 2016. Since his premier in (2013), Marvin has been featured in the Charlotte Business Journal – Book of List (2013, 2016),  and in (2018) is featured on the cover.  

Additional art appearances at Art with Heart, Art Unleashed, FABO Art Café, and he has taught dozens of workshops and classes painting classes.  Currently showing numerous originals at Legion Brewing South Park, Charlotte NC.  Espy is emerging as one of Charlotte’s most talented and versatile artist.

Marvin and his wife Tracy live in Charlotte and have a daughter Sydney who is a recent graduate of Meredith College.

Gabriel Green Palette Table ID Logo

Gabriel, an 8 year old native Charlottean artist and this is his first exhibit. Gabriel is a twin – Garrett, and enjoys reading and is drawing and painting as often as he can.

He proudly exclaims, “I am an artist to any and everyone he encounters. “

Mark Doepker

Mark Doepker is an artist and machinist originally from Michigan and currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since 2003, Mark has been making figurative art and evolving a practice that incorporates skills and materials from his industrial production experience. Mark makes 2D works as well as large-scale portraits in wood.  

In 2016, Mark’s work was chose to be featured as a billboard in the 2017 ArtPop program from the Arts & Science Council. 

Tiffany Wilkins

Born and raised in Charlotte, N.C.; Tiffany Wilkins first fell in love with art from an original painting that decorated the walls in her parents home. “I’ve always had a dream of becoming an artist,” Tiffany says.

However it wasn’t until March 2016, she was able to make this dream a reality. With no formal training or education, she dedicated any free time to practicing her craft and completed her first painting. Thus Chocolate Art was born.

By September 2016 she held the first Chocolate Art art show. This was only the beginning for the Charlotte native. Since holding her first art show, Tiffany sold over 30 original paintings all over the U.S, appeared at several live painting shows, and has taught art classes. “It’s a wonderful feeling to not have your dream come true, but also to be able to share this gift with others is even more fufilling.”

Nellie Ashford

Nellie Ashford is a self-taught folk artist from Mecklenburg County , North Carolina. Her mixed-media folk art  depicts the experiences of Charlotte’s African-American community during the era of  Jim Crow in the U.S. South.

Ashford grew up in a rural part of Mecklenburg County, and attended school in a segregated four-room schoolhouse. She later graduated from Plato Prince High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and social science from Shaw University.

Her work has been featured in a number of special exhibits since at least the early 2000s. She participated in a 2004 juried art show for the Afro-American Cultural Center in Charlotte, NC, for which she earned the curator’s recognition award. In 2010, her show “Nellie’s People” was featured at the Delta Arts Center in Winston Salem, NC.

In 2013, her work was displayed at the Gaston County Museum in Dallas, NC. The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts+Culture hosted her first major-museum, solo exhibit in 2016. According to the Gantt Center, the solo exhibit, titled “Nellie Ashford: Through My Eyes,” communicates “cultural identity, shared community values and aesthetics.”

During the 2012 national election campaign, 11 of her works were featured at theDemocratic National Convention Committee headquarters in Charlotte.

Eva Crawford

I am native Charlottean and full time artist with a studio and gallery space at C3 Lab in Southend Charlotte, NC.  

All styles of art media inspire me, with my strengths being painting and collage. Narrative is a key element in my art, and as a visual story teller I use color, texture and light to enhance the subject matter which is either painted or reimagined from found images.

The main characters in my compositions are inspired by my younger sister with physical disabilities, former street kids in Jinja, Uganda, and family members with mental health issues. All of which fuel my desire to give visual voice to the vulnerable and unseen using portraiture through realism and expressionism

Louise Farley

Louise’s passion is the human figure. Her style can loosely be described as expressive, colorful, active, and emotional. She works mainly in oils and acrylics on canvas or paper. Her main goal in painting, besides beauty of line and color, is to evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

Perhaps there is a story hidden in the painting.

Louise offers instruction in drawing and acrylic painting to ages 16 and up. She teaches in her studio at ClearWater, and also at John C. Campbell Folk School in Western North Carolina. Being prolific, she has plenty of completed paintings ready for sale out of her studio. In 2017-2019 she garnered several commissions which now hang in private residences around the Charlotte area; and continues to paint commissioned portraits (both pet, and person!).