“Pain is Growth too.”

Exhibition ft. Tyler G. Capel Inspired and created through a series of traumatic events.

Capturing his world through the lens is just one of many ways Greensboro-native Tyler G. Capel has utilized his vision to connect to the community around him. A multi-talented visionary, Tyler has used his mind and resources to develop creative platforms such as The Growth Concept and Edit ‘N’ Chill.

As someone who usually avoids the spotlight and works behind the scenes, Tyler has decided to step out and take a more vulnerable approach for his first solo-exhibition. “Pain is Growth too”, is a collection of art created through various obstacles and traumas he endured throughout his life. Within the exhibit, Tyler pulls from both his personal life—and in a select few pieces, the lives of a few other black men that persevered through their own traumas. Tyler is making an effort to showcase the raw emotions of black men that often go unnoticed. “I want black men to become more comfortable checking on black men—I want everyone to be more comfortable for that matter.” His hope is that black men can see that pain is more than “just something to get through” and that healing is an option. “Mental health within the black community isn’t talked about enough” he explains, “hopefully this will spark a conversation at the very least.” 

Each photo paints a narrative inspired through his pain and path to healing. “This isn’t a show to me, it’s more of a release.” Tyler captures moments with a vintage yet clean minimal quality to articulate his story and drive his expression.

“No one said growth was comfortable.” 

– Tyler G. Capel

“Pain is Growth too.”

Co-Curator Justin Hicks

“If I can make sure that stories of impact are being told, then I’ve done my job.” Columbia born content creator Justin Hicks has been telling stories from a young age and has had his passions fueled by film and animation. 

Being involved in art initiatives throughout high school and during his time in the Bachelor of Fine Arts at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is where his creative blueprint took flight. “The only thing college really taught me was how to be a free thinker in pursuit of my creative expression.” Justin’s focus during his time there was rooted in Illustration and Art History. 

His direction later however transitioned to the pursuit of curation and creative direction. Now a content creator for the Edit ‘N’ Chill platform, Justin is using his vision to host and direct his own series titled “Building the Table”. This series is catered toward collaborative engagement and conversation within the creative community. A new addition to the 9189 Studio Gallery team, Justin will be co-curating his first professional show titled “Pain is Growth too.” Collaborating with business partner and featured artist Tyler G. Capel and Gallery Owner Joanne Rogers. He is determined to help bring Tyler’s vision to life as they both continue to support each other in their creative endeavors. 

“We all have a story to tell and we do the world a disservice if they are not shared.”

– Justin Hicks