Arthur Rogers, Jr – Resident Artist

A native of North Carolina with parental roots from Sint Eustatius, Trinidad and North Carolina, Arthur is a US Army Veteran and a graduate of East Carolina University with a degree in Communications Arts with a concentration in Illustration.

Arthur’s career path has provided him with a wealth of experience while holding positions in several design firms and advertising agencies, and serving as a College Instructor and Department Chair. His artistic skill set includes:  Illustration, Graphic and Web Design, Videography, Photography and once again, Painting.

Gilbert Horne, Jr – Resident Artist

To represent quality subject-matter, refined by conceptual intuitiveness; to provoke self-awareness governed by idiosyncratic vision; to inspire grandeur that embodies value and longevity. 

GILism strives to provide exceptional service and establish rapport with all our new or mature collectors.

Gil creates an array of expressive figures, most of which reflect characteristics of his own persona.

With life being the ultimate source of inspiration, each Gil piece is wrought with experience embedded into the canvas.

You may be captivated by bold and bright colors, wooed by the calms of cool, or awed within the static lines of a black and white, nevertheless their visual appeal are signature to his craftsmanship. 

Gilbert Horne, Jr